Vermont Tourism

From 2019-2021, Sol Sun Media (my company) worked with Dorset Tourism and the Manchester Tourism to increase residency and domestic tourism and through outdoor lifestyle and community marketing.

These two separate projects were each structured as year long engagements to produce 11 films throughout the seasons.

Business development, campaign design, account management, content strategy & production

Creative Strategy

Dorset Vermont came to us having already hired for webdesign, marketing, and social media management. After exploring their context, it became clear that evergreen serial content was their missing piece.

For the biggest impact, we designed a year long project to produce 8 films over the seasons. To maximize the value of each production, each film was shot to yield modular content: a main film, micro clips for social media, and we also photographed each scene.


For Dorset we built an online content portal to maximize use of our deliverables: 8 videos, cuts formatted for social media, photos from the shoots, all available to all marketing stakeholders.

Our work with Manchester Tourism was similar, but their marketing agency lead the project and we only produced 3 seasonal videos.


Over the course of the year we met to outline and collaborate on what to include from a marketing and creative standpoint.

We then worked directly with the featured business owners, and hired models to shoot the scenes.

Prototyping with Film

To stay in sync with the client through the creative process, we sent sample music and rough cuts to get for feedback and approval before applying finishing touches.



Without any ad spend the ‘Fall in Manchester’ video received 15,300 views and was shared by over 200 people. This video resonated with those who have visited and currently live in Manchester, and reached thousands of new viewers through personal social networks.


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