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If you need help with a project, want to learn more about service design, or have an interesting proposal, I’d love to talk.

I’m always happy to share ideas and make new friends 😊

About Me

I am not a designer

(Not just a designer, anyway.)

The best creative or technical execution is only as good as the purpose it serves.

My focus is creating value in the bigger world. This involves business, leadership, personal growth.

For me, design happens to be the most effective lens.

改善 Kaizen - continuous growth

I’m driven to make life interesting and fun through hard work. Throughout my life I’ve been inspired by mastery and creativity.

I figured out how to make electronic music on my parents computer when I was 11 - an endeavor that lasted 7 years and started my freelance career with 30+ private parties and school dances.

I started doing freelance film when I was 17 - something I still do today having served 80+ clients over the past 5 years.

Since 18, to push my skills as a photographer, I’ve self funded trips across North America, Latin America, and Europe.

How I’m looking to grow

I want to further my abilities in design and creative business development, where I can work on a diverse range of projects.

I like to work on a mix of strategizing activities as well as production activeties. I’m particularly interested in startups, travel, and sustainability.

If you’re looking to hire a designer for a project in these fields, I would love to talk.

When I'm not working...

...I’m exploring the world, meditating, and learning new things.

Thanks for reaching out!