SDN Global Conference

The Service Design Network (SDN) is service design’s professional organization that has chapters around the world and hosts the Global Service Design Conference.

(2022) Lead partnership research, strategy, and outreach for universities, securing 8 partners

(2021) Designed and built the conference website

(2021) Helped design the attendee experience and hosted the conference closing networking event

(2020) Lead a team of 7 to design and host break events in partnership with SCAD

Service design, web/UX design, event design

Designing the Attendee Experience

I worked with Agusta Calloway (project manager) and Arundhati Bagrodia (event designer) to create the attendee experience.

One of my favorite contributions was designing and hosting the conference closing networking event.

I was also in charge of finding a captioning partner for the conference that could integrate with our tech stack.

Agusta and I closing out day one of the conference.

Designing the Website

On the design team I worked with Amber Reed (creative director), Vidihika Khanna (supporting UX designer), Polly Adams (UX  writer), and Axia Zucchi (graphic designer).

My role was to design and build the website, which involved collaborating on written content and graphic assets to make an exciting and intuitive digital experience.

Together we built a design system and style guide from visual prototypes and user feedback.

I then designed wireframes in Figma, and built and published the website in Aventri.


Design for Co-Creation

We designed our process to get many inputs from relevant teams and stakeholders throughout the project. We elicited initial expectations through a workshop and prototypes. Based on secondary research, we created lofi and hifi wireframes for feedback from the whole team.


Because a site depends on content from many teams, we designed each section to flex and work independently. This enabled us to update the site in small pieces as new content is ready.

Design System

Starting with a single promotional image, we developed a visual identity and design system for the website’s components. This enabled us to quickly build and implement new pages with less revisions.

Design Within Rigid Systems

In order to deliver a great site with the extremly limited technology we were contracted to use, I wrote 500 lines of HTML and CSS to overcome hardwired limitations.

“The mark of a professional is one who can work within extreme constraints.” - Mauricio Manhaes


“Working with Jaidon is a delightful honor. He approaches problems with care, thought, and diligence. And, he's incredibly responsive. I look forward to continued collaborations.”

-Agusta Calloway
Project Manager, Attendee Experience Team
Senior Consultant, Cambria Solutions

“Jaidon is the type of designer and person I want on my team! He’s a talented, reliable team player with a willingness and ability to tackle complex design and technical challenges with ease. I highly recommend Jaidon if you are looking for a thoughtful and collaborative design partner!”

-Amber Reed
Creative Director & Design Team Lead, SDGC21
Senior Service Designer, San Diego Department of Health


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