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Over the last 5 years since I co-founded Sol Sun Media with Noah Kane, we’ve provided 70+ clients with content strategy, film production, photography, web design and social media management.

Between this company and freelance, I’ve worked with National Geographic Magazine, Colorado College, Presidio, TEDx, Catalyst Film Fest, and many more.

Entrepreneurship, account management, content strategy & production

Business Development

This endeavor gives me the opportunity to facilitate client meetings, structure business processes, hire and manage freelancers, collaborate with many types of organizations with different agendas, and learn how to negotiate, prioritize, and scope.

Coming from a family that is not particularly business savvy, I learned how to do business through online research and lots of trial and error 😉.

Project Highlight:

Vermont Tourism

From 2019-2021, Sol Sun Media (my company) worked with Dorset Tourism and the Manchester Tourism to increase residency and domestic tourism and through outdoor lifestyle and community marketing.

These two separate projects were each structured as year long engagements to produce 11 films throughout the seasons.

Business development, campaign design, account management, content strategy & production

Service Design and Content Production

Though Sol Sun Media started as a production company focused on film, we have grown over the years to offer more diverse and exciting services.

By approaching content production from an ecosystem perspective of stakeholders and communications, we’re able to deliver more strategic, comprehensive, and valuable work for branding and marketing.*

*Complicated? Hard to understand? Click here for my explanation of service design.

Project Highlight:

Apex Wealth

Sol Sun Media (my company) was hired by financial planner Brenna Warren to help launch her wealth management firm.

Not only did our market research and creative strategy help inform her positioning as a business, but we built her website, logo, two videos, and a strategy report.

Project management, service design, web/UX design, content strategy & production

Selected Work

Looking Forward

As a company competing in the public arena, it is our job to deliver the best solutions to our clients through the most effective process.

After 5 years of developing creative solutions for clients, I understand how important it is to apply the same creativity that’s used to create deliverables to structuring business engagements.

Not only should our work be innovative and high quality, the process of working with us should feel equally as fun and creative for clients.


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